Save Neverbelieve Island

Neverbelieve Island is under attack. Companies and tourists are flocking to this once-peaceful bastion of nature in inordinate numbers and the local wildlife is on the brink of collapse. Without your support, the island’s unique, indigenous species are at risk of total annihilation.


Alarmingly, the forests of Neverbelieve are being cut down to harvest an extremely valuable gem hidden in the poisonous crevices beneath the tree’s roots in microscopic pods. Also, the monstrous sap of these trees has an immense amount of plasma which is being used in untested blood transfusions to make super humans. This is outrageous! The decision to cut down these trees is heartless and illegal.


It is devastating to believe that the sapphire rose is dropping in numbers rapidly. Scientists have discovered that only a few remain in the wild. They are carefully working to rescue the remaining population. It is absurd and sickening that the sapphire rose’s leaves are being cut off the stem and ground down to make the world’s most valuable perfume.


Littering on Neverbelieve Island is out of control. Because of littering, mimic whales are eating the plastic and metal rubbish. People are getting rid of their waste, but not fast enough. So help us save this beautiful island by calling us on (07551 1234 5678). Just remember, it is not only the mimic whales in trouble.

It is hard to imagine that in the land of Neverbelieve the golden ********* is endangered because of its shimmering, valuable, shiny eyes. It is so rare that you may as well call it a glowing diamond in a deep, dark, abandoned cave. Sadly, in the Land of Neverbelieve, woolly rhinos are being hunted by farmers who are trying to kill them because their fur coats sell for over 2000 gold coins! The rhinos are running away and leaving their pastures. As a result, the people on the island are beginning to fight back, but it’s not enough without your help. Hopefully these beautiful creatures will survive as they are becoming incredibly rare.


Pollution on the island is at an all-time high. It is suffocating the snotberry bears and making the population fall dramatically in the last three years from eighty-two percent last year, to forty-three percent this year. The oil in the rivers is destroying the turtle-faced fish and the jokersdemon fish populations because of the extreme and vast amount of oil flooding the rivers and streams. Pollution has even slowed the number of drumstick trees growing in their normally lush forests.


We need your help. We need your time. We need your voice. Volunteers and monetary donations will help us stop the incredible damage being done to this beautiful island and get nature back on track. If you don’t help Neverbelieve island, who will?

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