The Isle of Everbelieve is in danger

The Isle of Neverbelieve is in danger, we need your help


It is hard to imagine the world without the Isle of Everbelieve. Sadly, it may come true!

In the Isle of Neverbelieve, people are throwing rubbish in our beautiful rivers and chopping down our stunning trees. Would you like this to happen to your island?


The Starflower, which only grows on Everbelieve, produces sap for important medicine. Alarmingly, people are coming and chopping the heads of the flowers, stealing the sap and selling it to make medicine.


Th Air-trees (which provide oxygen) are being chopped down! The thieves are selling these magnificant trees to faraway planets and earning a fortune.


The rubbish in our lovley rivers are making the rare Tulip-Turtles be on the brink of extinction, which means there won’t be as many rare species in the world, as the Isle of Neverbelieve is one of the only places in the world that has rare species.


We cannot let this happen so please call our phone at 01457 678395 or join ou website at


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