Sky unicorns


the sky unicorn has a long purple mane  and daring , cute eyes . Their skin is all black with white spots all over like a cow , and they have silver hooves with hearts on it  if you are a male you have a circle on your left hoove if you are a female you have a circle on your right hoove.


Habitats for  sky unicorns a mostly white fluffy clouds (ones that don’t have ice in it) some live on ground deep in the magical forest with flowers and a shiny sun . In the clouds there are cloud city’s: cloudtopia , cloudrainbow and capital cloud . Cloudtopia is a city for sky unicorns who are homeless there are beautiful sightings and cloud buildings but the smell there is nasty.  Cloud rainbow is a place where it rains warm water and the sun shines as bright as yellow diamonds  it’s a place for unicorns with middle class. Capital cloud is the capital city of all cloud city’s , all the Important sky unicorns live there  and it is  really fun  . It’s full of warm , clean water , rainbows and houses made out of purple clouds.



Sky unicorns eat lots off things. Poor sky unicorns  only eat cotton candy clouds (which is sky unicorn broccoli) so they stay fit . Middle class eat magical grass , bird meat and  cloud sushi. High class eat human 5hings and middle class things and sometimes if they are on a diet they eat broccoli clouds . Poor unicorns eat unclean water . And middle class and high class  drink magical juice and clean water.

3 Responses to “Sky unicorns”

  1. I really like how you put about unicorns.
    How were you feeling when you wrote this?
    I think you could add a bit more adjectives next time.

  2. isaac joseph cash November 8, 2021 at 11:46 am

    wow great post you did very good hopefully you become a are amazing and outstanding at writing.

  3. Zohan Joseph Cash November 22, 2021 at 11:00 am

    This is very good Israel.I think you might become a writer.

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