The Nature Planet Buster SWW

Nobody can imagine a universe without the Nature planet can they? Unfortunately, half of the planet is soon going to explode! Please inform every scientist you know to help.

This new planet, Planet nature, is going to die off and it has only existed for 631 years! You may not think this is not urgent but trust me, It is. When I say dying off, I mean that half of the planet will explode and half will freeze up. We need to stop this because we have predicted that in only one month the planet will not be here if you don’t do anything.

We just can’t let this planet freeze and explode can we? If this planet is allowed to die we will lose all our magnificent wonders on it. There are three main reasons why we want to save this planet is. Pyramids have unlimited treasure on this planet that hasn’t been discovered and we will never discover if the snow takes over and hide the pyramids and make it so if we do find them it will be impossible to get in and if we do we will get trapped in and freeze.

Next the Temples we need to save this building because this will tell the past it as got ancient writing that we have worked out how to read. When we can read a special code legend has said that we will find a hidden room that is filled with diamonds if we figure out. We have read only one wall out of 36! We have stared to read the one wall and is has been telling us about how earth was created with all the meteorite crashing together. We want to continue reading but is too risky to go in the forest when it is 307 degrees the wood could catch fire when you are next to it then explorer will be alight too it.

The Final most important thing that we need to save is the seed. The one and only money seed this seed is incredible when you plant it it is like a apple or a pear tree but instead of growing pears or apples it grow money. Many citizens have even tried to steal it 85 people have be arrested trying to steal it! Once you plant it 24 hours later it would f grown one million pounds already since I have shared all this information please do not attempt to steal it or you will be in prison for 52 years and it is not worth it because we will bankrupt you so don’t even think about it.

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