Cattleway island in inferior danger by Ikeme

Cattleway island in inferior danger

We cannot allow the island of Cattleway in deficient condition we can’t proceed. This is crucial, the island of Cattleway could destroyed within minutes we need all the help we can get

The delicate fire tulip is shoved to the edge of its life because of the factory’s that have claimed the middle of the island therefore the children have no warmth and shiver it is special because it the only one of its kind left in the universe and gives most of its warmth to Cattleway

Also the troublesome tree is pushed to extinction because of logging services coming every hour. It is special because it is what keeps the people alive and gives medicine from its precious sap and it is important because half of the population will be dead and the other half would be skinny and bony.

The population is also making the air toxic and hard to breath our fish are dying because of waste and Lisa in the water Lisa is black liquid that kills instantly.

Can you believe it? What are you doing reading this you cannot let this go on for a living! See details below – https:/

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  1. This is AMAZING I love the idea at the end about the and I love the idea of the cattle way island. Hopefully you create more peices of writing as good as this!

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