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Jess and the green emerald gem!By Annie

Jess and the emerald gem by Annie


Cherry gazed out of the window as the ships weapons raised like they were ready to shout no fear at all. She heard there weapons shout as cherry ran like the wind. She could smell smoke coming from the ship it was gross! Opening the door to his master, snapped “This ship can’t hold us both, the must go.”

                                          Chapter 1

Looking around the corner, Jess Smith was peeking, to see if anybody was there the staff of Great Cogheart School was looking. The second the staff turned Jess then made a run for it. She made it half way down the hall then she sore a teacher as fast as she could she hid in the toilets. Finally the teacher had gone Jess made a run for it and she was free.

Ones again Jess looked at the letter she re-read the mystery,her father,Ben smith was never to be seen from the day when he fell. The last words that Jess’  father had said was spring around in her head, weirdly.”fallow the green path”she didn’t now what it meant.

She heard a distant snap and sore cherry.”Give me a winde up will you it’s bin a long trip”said cherry. “Ok,ok” said Jess “could you not of got out of there a lot faster.” Said cherry “I was sneaking out of school, what do you think my parents will say.” Said Jess “Well you  don’t need to worry about your dad saying everything.” Jess just looked down at cherry’s green sell and frowned.

Jess bummed into Annabelle on the way home, Annabelle sore the green emerald gem. Jess wereing it as a neclas Annabelle asked”Do you now what you words,fallow the green path means yet.” “No.” Replied Jess “wait a minute.” “I think I get it now.” Fallow the green path the gem is green and so is cherry.” “Fallow cherry.” Said Annabelle “ Come on then he’s off.” Said Jess

Suddenly Jess and Annabelle were at Wigan Library with cherry. “Finally.”said cherry!!!

Rose and the snow globe by Katie-lou

Rose and the snow globe by Katie-Lou


Ella glanced over the side of the fence of the Ella hamster while she increased the flames to make the balloon rise higher. She saw the deep Red Sea which was cursed that no one set foot in like a pool of blood swishing in the wind. She heard a crackle of wind like a hurricane falling from the sky. She sensed the wafted of poison chocolate cake rise through the air like the smell of burning gas.Turning around slowly Ella chattered, ”one of us has to leave we have to jump”.


Closing the door, Rose Florence was seeing if anyone was watching. The teachers at   Mab’s cross Academy for girls and boys is as stricken as monkeys with there food. A girl was mysteriously, creeping behind her. She suddenly began to run she ran out of school she rested gently against a tree.


Immediately after, she had received a letter from her mother and read it out loud quietly to herself. She was quite surprised by what her mother had said she was missing and the last words her mother had said to rose were flowing throw her mind wondering what it could mean?


Just then Andrea the monkey appeared she was asking if she would wind her up because she had been running for so long. “ I have been rushing to get here”Andrea said “ ever sines your mother told me to come here “ she said “ I love you “ Andrea had been from the accident.


All of a sudden, Roses friend appeared she saw Rose on a rock Rose was thinking of her mother’s last words her mother’s had said “ Always follow snow” Oh of course the snow globe”Rose said “Yes“ said Jessica “that’s what your mother last words ment” It was so precious to her because it is a snow globe she would shake it to make a wish or say a pray and it is passed down all the girls in the family.


“We have to get there fast before the thief’s get it if they find it they would give it back and might break it.

Emi And The Small Seashell Tub by Emilia


Cotton gazed over the railing of the Lillyokitten while the Konoship grew bigger and bigger on the sides and the flames got bigger and bigger.She saw more and more ships coming as fast as a jaguar ready for action.She heard the as loud as a dinosaur bomb that nearly exploded everywhere!She smelt the burning gas that was as bad as a old bottle of acid.Looking at Lilly,Cotton meowed “Lilly,we need to go!Its not safe here!You jump first.”

Chapter 1

Gazing at the gate,Emi Koth was looking if the teachers were watching.The headteacher at Eagleowl Academy For Girls are more fierce than anyone!She couldn’t get caught!Without a sound,Emi made the run for it.The door bleeped loudly as Emi ran through it.She wondered,did anyone hear me?She couldn’t stop thinking about it.So she got her bag and ran.She was out.She leaned against the wall outside of the school.

For what seemed like the hundredth time,Emi,once again opened up the letter and read it over and over again.Her mother,Lilly Koth,hadn’t been seen since the airship disaster.The final words her mother said “Follow The Sea.” For years,Emi kept on thinking,what could that mean?

While Emi was leaning against the wall,she heard a little meow.A little voice said “Hello!My name is Cotton!Your Emi,right?” Emi’s head immediately told her it was her old friend Cotton! “Yes,it’s me Emi!” “Give me a wind up would you?”Purred Cotten.Emi wond Cotton up and then realised that Cotton had a bit of her tail cut off and her ear had a hole.

That morning,Melissa was surprised to see Emi and Cotton back again at the alleyway of the MC OFFICE. “Of course,she was talking about the small seashell tub!”Said Melissa.Emi had remembered that it was passed on in the family generation!On the tub was seashells,a background of a sunset and the sea.

“She’s right!We have no time to lose!We can’t let anyone get their dusty paws on it!” Purred Cotton. “Let’s go to Pat & Dad Museum to check if it’s there!”Said Emi.

Joseph Tick and the shark tooth necklace. By JP.

Joseph and the Great hammer head shark necklace.By JP.


Hades saw Flame (a sky bike) racing towards the Sky Wolfs sails, destined to destroyer them. He looked at the spring loaded sides of Flame. They had poison tip spears loaded into them ready to launch, like a hawk ready and roaring to catch prey. He heard a SNNNNK! like a train racing past the station. An arrow head had hit the Sky Wolfs engine! Hades smelt flame. Running to the deck, Hades howled  ,”Josh!Josh!Oh no!You need to jump!”

                                                      Chapter 1.

          Sprinting to the gate, Joseph Tick was escaping from the teachers of Wilburn academy for boys.They were more dangerous than a pack of killer lions. If he was caught, he would die.He thought of the text again.’Be brave, save the seas.’ What could that mean? No time to think of that now. ‘Jump! Over the fence!’he thought.”I’m free!” Joseph whispered as loud as he could.

          When he thought it was safe, he took out his phone out. ‘Be brave, save the seas.’ What could that mean? His dad,Josh Tick,had been missing for days. What could have happened?’Be brave, save the seas’ was taking over his mind. The thought of were his farther was,was lost.”What does this mean!?”shouted Joseph.

          Rustle! Rustle! “Hades! Come here boy!”shouted Joseph, joyfully.”I need some more ticks!howled Hades.”And there’s some important information.” Tick.Tick.Tick.Went Hades’ clockwork key,turning.“Your Father has been captured by red eyed men.When the Sky Wolf crashed, the red eyed men captured him.”Hades explained. Hades had an orange tuff of fur around his head and neck. A scar reached across his eye. A bit of ear was missing as well.

          Later that evening, Joseph and Hades saw their friend, John Heart-lock.”You don’t have to say it.It’s my Great, Great Grandad Bob’s Hammer head Shark necklace.”Joseph said, clearly upset.”It’s ok.”John reassured. The necklace was a great hammer head shark tooth. Just then, John waggled his eyebrows,left,right,left,right. This made Joseph laugh.”Heh.Heh.”

          “We need to get to the museum of secrets.”said John.”We will take a Sky Ship there.”


Jason and the book of secrets by eben

Rufus glared out of the summer sets window as he watched the midnight murder got closer.

He saw the cannons pop out the side of the airship they looked as menacing as a bat swinging towards someone’s head.

He heard a bang from under neath him it sounded like the midnight murder had blown up the side of the ship up.The sound was as  alerting as a air raid alarm going of in the middle of the night.

He smelt  a terrible gassy smell leaking from one of the drain pipes it was as strong as a petrol tanker leaked all over the road.

Pacing towards his master Rufus roared” we need to jump”.

“No I have to stay with the ship” ARGHH” screamed Rufus.

                           CHAPTER 1

Pacing towards the door, Jason Wilder was heading for lunchtime

The boys at saint Bridgertons academy for boys were more stupid then a group of penguins they could only understand when it was time for lunch. They ran towards the dinner hall. All of a sudden Jason was being trampled on by a group of year 7’s boys it felt like  a herd of elephants.He decided he grabbed his bags and headed towards the school gate and bolted towards the field.

When Jason had got to the field he had to lean against the tree to catch his breath.

For what it had seemed he had read the words Brandon wilder has not been seen since his air ship catastrophe . The final words he had said to him was quite strange “ “Always read between the lines”.He laud awake for weeks thinking what it meant .

Out of the blue , Jason heard a distance roar .Jason being curious headed towards the sound . Surprisingly it was Rufus!”you’ve taken your ticking time haven’t you “ “sorry”replied Jason “give me a wind up will you this travelling takes it time you

know”.Jason smiled and wounded Rufus up.Rufus purred in satisfaction. His fur had been singed from the incident.

That afternoon ,Max was surprised to see Jason and Rufus wandering around in the back of blue way valley.obviously it’s your father book. Jason nodded sadly.

This book was very precious to him and his dad . His dad always read to him before bed.he remembered a time when him and his dad where reading it on the couch. The memorie was still painful.”sorry”replied max.”He right” “we need to catch a steam wagon down to 22 walkden ave before those flee bags get to that book”

Charlie and the magnificent clock by Will


Callum peered out of the railings of the eagle lion while the ragged sails of the tiger-ship grew bigger and bigger. He saw the cannons that were ready to fire like a roaring sound. He heard a roaring sound when they shot it was like a tiger bitting someone to death. He sensed the burning gas like acid raining down, Callum squawked “We can’t survive one of us has to go you Will you go humans before mechanimal.”

Chapter 1

Sprinting down the narrow corridor, Charlie Lloyed was checking if there was someone looking in there lockers. The teachers of Stamford bridge boys academy were more fierce as a hord of wolfs he could not afford getting past them. Without a second he ran getting past them. Without a second he ran to the door but the door made a howled. Had it been heard? He couldn’t risk it so he picked up his bag and ran into the open field he sat near a tree to regen his energy

Once again Charlie opened the letter for the hundredth time Charlie soon opened the letter and it said the words. His father Will Farell has not been seen since the airship was destroyed. The final words that Charlie’s father said was quiet unusual speech it said “Make saw you don’t waste time.” For days, Charlie had pondered the phrase, Charlie was wondering what it meant.

At that moment, he heard a squawked in the bushes there was a familiar face. ‘By the tocks you’ve taken a ticking long time to get out of that dreadful place!’ Said Callum, ‘Give me a wind-up Will you?’ I have used a lot of energy coming from that accident. Charlie grinned and gave Callum a wind-up. Callum did a silent squawk Callum had lost a wing but Callum was still in great form.

That afternoon, Ben was surprised to see Charlie and Callum standing in unique alley at the back of Stamford bridge .”Of course your father made that clock.” He said. Charlie sadly nodded his head. The clock was something precious to my father. He had put it on Charlie’s bedside table. Night and night Charlie watched the first hand move an inch round. As steady as a drum beat. On the clock face had a wood ****** flew like is was flying to a tree but it had Charlie’s father was painful “sorry” mattered Ben looking down.

He’s right, yapped Callum’No time to lose.’ We need to hop in there white van to 32 primrose lane and begin to search for his father’s clock before thieves touch it.

Audrey and The Pocket Watch by Ria

  Audrey And The Pocket Watch

Malkin gazed at the mist over the Royalred as it got closer and closer while Heather tries to turn the ship but the Royalred’s recruiters jammed the wheel so it can’t move. He saw the rubies shine one by one as the guns coming at the made loud noises like a loin’s roar. He heard his heartbeat going as fast as light and the silence of night. He smelled the den of flame like houses burning in the great fire of London. Turning around slowly, Malkin howled , “I’m sorry Heather, goodbye.”

Looking at the field, Audrey Anderson was staring out of the window for something exciting to happen. The teachers of Oxford Academy For Older Girls were boring her. Suddenly the bell rang and Audrey ran as fast as a leap order and hid behind the tree. She heard Miss Cathering yell “ come back here Miss Anderson!” She was going to make a run for it but something told her not to. She saw miss come outside then back inside. Then Audrey ran for her life!

As she looked at the email for what it seemed like the fiftieth time, Audrey opened the email and tears fell down as she reread the words. Her mother, Heather Anderson, hadn’t been seen ever since the fateful day . The airship catastrophe . The final words that her mother said to Audrey hit her on her head badly. “Use your time wisely.”  For months she wondered what it meant.

At that moment, a familiar howl and a mysterious bush appeared and it started moving as an recognisable face peered in a hole of the bush. “You certainly took your time!”Malking panted.” I’ve used a lot of my ticks, give me a wind up will you?” Audrey smile and laughed as she twisted the key. She tried to stroke it but every time her hands touched his face he shivered and his black and white fur shined .

A couple of minutes later, Winter bumped into Audrey and Malkin in Happyvile at the front of the library. “Of course it’s your mother’s pocket watch!” Said Winter. For many nights Audrey hated the pocket watch , she just wanted to break it but to see her mother’s smile  she would’ve done anything. “Sorry, I forgot.” Mumbled Winter while looking at Malkin.

Audrey started running while saying “ come on we have no time to lose!” Malkin howled “ Let’s catch a train to the town square!”

Anne and the precious pocket watch by Annabelle g

Anne and the precious pocket watch

Albert gazed at the remaining prices of the bluebirds engines as the cannons fired in the direction of the ship.

He heard the banging of the bullets as he went to find his master, whilst feeling the slow drop beneath his feet, like falling into the ocean as your heart stops pumping and your life is lost. He saw the enemies firing their harpoons

as they loaded their bullets like loading a trustee chest with gold. He smelt the broken engines spreading out steam and gas, like an oven crackling a chicken dinner.Panicking he opened the door. Albert squawked “We have to get out of here! We’ll die in here if not!”

Chapter 1


Pushing the backdoor open Anne Hatchmend walked out of Queen Victoria’s amazing academy for girls, but little did she know her friend was following her out of the school. Anne ran and ran for miles until she sat down for a rest. Suddenly, Anne heard a sound it sounded like a clip clop but not just any old one it sounded metallic…

Anne ignored it and just and decided to look at her letter for the 20th time today. Anne read part of the letter which said.

Im afraid I have some bad news, your father is missing with his airship destroyed.Mark told me to tell you “make sure to turn back time.” Suddenly, Anne heard the sound again but ignored it, she just repeated the words in her mind make sure to turn back time?

Just then, clip clop, clip clop, clip clop!Anne turned around and saw her fathers mechanical friend Albert!

“It took you a long time to notice me!” Squawked  Albert. “Wind me up will you I wasted a lot of my ticks chasing you for miles!” Anne giggled and wound up Albert 10 times. Albert has a light pinky coat of feathers but a scar on his eye and a black burnt beak from the accident.

Out of the blue, Anne’s friend Jo jumped out of a tree “I think I know what it is.” Jo said “ it’s your mother pocket watch!” Anne slowly nodded her head, Anne’s mother died last year and her father was her only family left. “Sorry” Jo mumbled kicking the ground softly.

“We need to get that watch!” Cried Albert “ Its the 5th room in the Edinburgh dungeon.” Anne Jo and Albert had to get the watch before anyone else did…

Payton and the precious locket by Gracie

                         PAYTON AND THE PRECIOUS LOCKET by Gracie


Jupiter glanced at the floor cracking and enemies shooting bullets from the Castle Of Ender. He saw people jumping into silver and white airships with guns pointing like lions searching for their prey. He heard the screams of people’s balloons popping on their ships and he was as scared as a mouse being chased by an ambush of angry tigers. He sensed danger upon him and smelt smoke burning through sails like flames and fireworks on bonfire night. Jumping up in fright, Jupiter barked “ We can’t survive this together Janet one of us has to jump! “

                               Chapter 1

Looking out of the window, Payton Gates was waiting for Spanish class to end. The teachers at Victoria Stanley’s Academy For Teenage Girls were very bossy and strict so it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience if she was caught. Suddenly, the bell rang then Payton packed up her stuff then left. She slowly crept closer to the back door then looked behind to see if anyone was watching. Should she make a run for it? As she sprinted outside she heard the shrill voice of Mrs Willow shouting “recess.”

As Payton sat down on a rock to get her breath back, for what felt like the hundredth time she clicked on the Email the police had sent her about the tragic accident her mother Janet Gates had been in and now she’s missing and her ship is destroyed. The final words Janet had said to Payton were very unusual and random “ Always look at the bigger picture in life. “

The moment Payton left her phone, She heard a rustle in the bushes and some sort of bark. It sounded damaged and hurt. She wondered what it was then out came a very recognisable brown and white fur coat. “ Well it’s about time you turned up, this journey takes its ticks you know” said Jupiter the Labrador wagging his bloody scarred tail. “Well then, give me a couple of winds will ya.” Payton saw a bag on his neck and inside was the cog key. So Payton stuck it in the hole and then wound and wound him up. He went “ tick tick tick”

At the time Danielle Anderson was astonished to see that Jupiter and Payton were together at Collinbrdge Alley. “How did you not realise this earlier, your mum was talking about that precious locket she had given you when you were young. Payton nodded sadly. Just the memory of her mother get her in tears. “Sorry” said Danielle feeling guilty.

“Yes, I agree let’s go” said Jupiter “There’s no time to lose we have to get a train back to Grasstown Sauare before those shoplifters get their grubby fingers on that precious locket” said Danielle courageously.

Ikeme and the diamond locket by mia

Ikeme and the diamond heart locket by Mia j


Layla glared over out the Cotten candy air ship window.as the golden airship grew closer and closer.she saw the chanting crew determined like a lion hunting its pray.Layla instantly turned-around “JUMP”…………..


Gazing into the classroom Ikeme bullpen was checking if any moody teachers where watching.these teachers where moodier than a hungry,tired lion.if she’d be caught she would be dead meat so walking sneakily to the door CREEKa rusty creek from the rusty floor boards… “did they hear me”she couldn’t risk buying heard so she ran out the door out the school onto st Mary lane regaining her breath.

What seemed like the 10000th time she opened the lettter and re-read the horrible news once sadly again.her mother Elizabeth bullen hadent been seen since the air ship catastrophe.the final words of her mother mother had been clear “always take care of your shining heart”for weeks the phrase pondered in her head wondering the meaning of it.she looked at a picture of her mother in memory of her.

Peeringout of the corner Layla the micanical tapped Ikeme’s back frighting her “don’t scare me like that!” she chuckled “you’ve certainly been on an adventure breathing like a lion” “give me a wind up all this travelling takes its ticks ya know” Layla’s scar burned in pain.ikeme smiled as she gave Layla a wind up.

That afternoon seren was surprised to see Ikeme and Layla sitting outside of st Mary library “of course its your mothers locket”Ikeme tearfully nodded.the locket was something her mother had treasured she would put it on her bedside table and watch the diamonds off the locket shimmer on the pure white seeling.”sorry” said seren.

Layla scrambled”no time to lose we need to get to the secret library before them scallywags do!”