fire unicorn

Most people think that unicorns are mythical creatures. However, recent discovery’s in various parts of the world, show they are in fact, just as real as you or I. the fire unicorn is an example of such a creature. These new discovery’s have made unicornologists re evaluts the world we live in. Because of these revelation, people are now in search of such phenomena. But were are? Who will find them?


If you ever came across this beast. You will be scared for ever because it has a tail covered in red hot death spikes to attack from behind. Its horns has shooting rapid hot flames out of it like a mini gun. His hooves light up like  the sun ricing above the horizon. His fur, which is a rare type of fur, is a sharp and spikey skin because it needs to be strong, really strong. His eyes have a red hot glow turns into ball of fire when it gets angry. His ears are sharp and can hear up to one mile and sends smock to the air.

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