Heatavoo Island

You need to join us, save the island of Heatavoo , Heatavoo is getting overwhelmed with plastic and invaded with modern things that take the uniqueness out this precious island, we need your help to fix this only an unkind person will not help.

There is a species of Pigbirds that are evolving on this amazing island(only on this island), these animals are extremely endangered and have beautiful soft polka-dot pink fur with small wings and no actual heads their mouth is on there body! These interesting animals provide the island with an abundance of eggs that are healthy and contain nutrients and energy making it a key part of the citizen’s diet. People from the mainland are hunting these animals for there meat and their soft furry coat of hair.

The Waving trees have been growing here for century’s (they only grow on Heatavoo island).
However, this type of tree (which has grey bark with little spikes coming out of it) is being affected by the illegal logging companies that sneak into the island by a river leading through Heatavoo (the river has been named Sneak Way by the native people due to the loggers that sneak through here). The loggers cut down these trees for more wood to build more things with,as it is the toughest wood in the world and almost impossible to break without a special saw that the illegal loggers made.

These problems create other impacts too as the native children’s lungs are getting filled with smoke from the especially dangerous saws that are used to cut down the Waving trees,the native people begged and begged the men to stop cutting down the sacred trees (that are special to there religion) and go somewhere else.

Another reason for you to help is that, the special Pigbirds are getting more agitated and anxious about their kind being murdered by people, they are laying a lot less eggs which means that the native people can not have a stable diets and are left with only wheat and meat which can’t support them for long.

You need to make a difference , you need to help and you can help by clicking on the link below which will take you to are website when you can choose weather you want to donate , volunteer to build a big dam on the Secret Way river or adopt a Pigbird. Call the number below if you want to ask us something.

And the website Is
And the number is 01985437123

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