It is hard to believe a world without Brisingr. Surprisingly 

the island is in extreme danger and without your help

there will be consequences that could be unchangeable!

Will you help and rise to the challenge?


The Mysterious Storm Rose, that only grows in Brisingr

is the only reason people live there because it requires 

the best tasting medicine in the world.It grows in the rain

 forest and is on the brink of extinction from deforestation

 and as a result people are getting ill.


Furthermore, the everlasting Brisingr is crumbling from

illegal mining for the precious fire shard. It gives you the

power of fire and lava. It is deep deep in the volcano.

The volcano is the the core of Brisingr, it keeps it together

and is in one piece.


Additionally, Brisingr is under threat of littering. Visitors have 

left cans and rubbish over our deserts. As a result, sand turtles

Are becoming rare and are being strangled and are dying. 


Swamps are leaking acid which is destroying rare species

of plantation and is affecting the air causing baby animals 

 And humans struggling to breathe. We can’t allow this to 

Happen. We must act before it is too late.


Habitats are being destroyed and rivers being polluted. 

We must act now. If this situation continues it will cause 

critical damage. Only a fool will allow this to happen.

Join you.


Go to our website:http/pinklepurrfreeclomcampaign. 


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