Poppy islnd

Poppy Island

Sadly, the island of Poppy is getting destroyed by people. Our food trees are getting smaller and smaller and the Roaring flowers are getting demolished.

Firstly, the car of fuel and gas are blowing up our island and this is horrendous. Pinion gasses

are killing our trees and followers.

Alarmingly, the trees are getting chopped down when they don’t have to be.

It’s very heart breaking because the island is despairing.

Secondly, people are littering on Poppy island then it’s going into the sea and its killing the

Fish. We cannot allow littering on this island, if you do litter you will not come again to our island. Sadly, our home is becoming ruined.

In conclusion, I want the trees and flowers to grow. People need to stop littering all over the place and dumping waste everywhere. As you can see we need to put signs up saying don’t litter the island.

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