Water Pegasus

Most people think that unicorns are mythical creatures.  During recent lockdown, some scientists have now some stuff about unicorns over time and some have been seen in cities like London and New York too.  Some unicorns aren’t discovered yet, but the Blizzard Unicorn is a very rare unicorn and there’s more to be discovered in the future.

Would you like to see a Water Pegasus? This is what it looks like if you do…. The Water Pegasus has a glowing horn because in the North Pole, where it lives, it can get completely black.  The horn is twisted to make it stronger so that it can fight.  Surprisingly the animal is light which it uses to trick people as it can stand on the thin ice.  However, it is not known why it is so light or why people see them so rarely.  It has a big tail to keep it warm in the winter when it is hibernating.  The tail is very bushy and can soak up water so that it can drink when there isn’t any water to see.  It can also breath out clouds so it can protect itself when it is scared.  Sometimes it comes out to show itself but that is very unusual.  The Blizzard Unicorn only has small wings because in the centre of the North Pole it is very stormy.  Big wings would mean that they would be unable to control themselves in such storms.

The Blizzard Unicorn lives in the very coldest place in the North Pole ever.  Weirdly this unicorn lays eggs instead of giving birth to live young.  The mother unicorn can only see the egg glow in the snow.The Blizzard Unicorn sometimes travels out of the North Pole to find food but they can’t stay away for too long otherwise they have the risk of overheating since they are used to being in cold temperatures.

The Blizzard Unicorn is a very shy unicorn and it is rare to see it 3 times a year.  It can pick up things for it’s young to play with.  This can include peoples items and food which have been left outside.  The baby unicorn must be fed regularly and must not go more than two days without food.  This means the mother has to feed her young a lot and so she spends much of her time getting enough supplies in.
The species frequently regroups at least once a year, allowing them to have reunions with their brothers and sisters.

Diet       :

The Blizzard Unicorn normally eats fish but can also go in cities to obtain human food instead.  An adult can go up to seven days without food in extreme circumstances.



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