Nature unicorns

Suprisingly, the nature unicorn is typicaly found in gardens and if you find one in the wild you would be extremly lucky. However, there is a small chance you will find one in the wild. Not only that it is just as rare to find one in your garden!

If you want to find a nature unicorn you will have to look in your bushes, flowerbeds and any other place that is full of life in your garden. Unfortunately the majority of nature unicorns will leave a bad smell behind since they often scare skunks on accident.

Many people believe that the nature unicorn is brightly colured during the spring and summer and either goes into hibernation or in brown and white during the autum and winter. Additionally, their horn represnts their mood. Their fur ,which depending on what season, changes colour. It is also believed that they make sure that their tail is one of the softest things in the world and usualy is disgusied as a leaf or flower(boys have leafs and girls have flowers).

Intrestingly, the nature unicorn will never eat nature but will eat meat like a carnivore not only that if they are desparate they will either eat its own kind or themselves which is worring if you ask me!

Generally, the nature unicorn will endup scareing skunks because they think they are odd coloured rock and try to sit on them. The majority of nature unicorns will also travel in packs and help find each other food.

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