The Rainbow Unicorn

                                                        The Rainbow Unicorn

Unusually, the Rainbow unicorn can understand humans and knows what they are saying. Surprisingly she can make little streams of water turn different colours she can also make the water glow in the sunlight. Amazingly the Rainbow unicorn can sleek any language because she has been thought by her mum. Weirdly she has been hiding away from humans but she normally loves them.

Unlike any other unicorns the Rainbow unicorn has huge fluffy rainbow wings which help her fly up to rainbows if she gets tired. She has pink glowing hooves which smatter rainbow dust when she runs. She has  a straight rainbow tail which she whacks her predators with. Amazingly when the unicorn gets mad or sad she blows out grey smoke but when she is happy she blows out rainbow smoke. The Rainbow unicorn has soft fleecy white ears which twitch at the smallest sound. She has smooth pink fur which keeps her warm through out winter.

Normally this unicorn lives under a rainbow however due to weather changes rainbows don’t happen that often so she sleeps under grey cloud. She usually gets fluff from rainbows for her bed but this has been replaced by grass. Despite the facts she has gone to those spots there has been a few sightings in Africa because of mating season. A few people have seen this unicorn in her normal spot with her mother lying in a rainbow.

She eats rainbow juicy lollipops straight out of the packet and after that she eats sweet strawberry’s. Only as a teat on her birthday she can choose between chocolate cake or caramel cookies. This unicorns favourite food is caramel cookies. Rainbow unicorn dislikes anything that is not treats. If she comes across sour patch kids it will make her ill since she is allergic. She keeps healthy with lots of broccoli to keep the colours on her wings bright. If she doesn’t eat any broccoli in 3 days her colours turn all dull.

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