The food unicorn

The Food Unicorn

Amazingly 200 people have seen this camouflaging,enchanted,legendary unicorn. Often people see this unicorn in a restaurant.


This unicorn wears a protective coat made out of burgers. Also it’s horn looks like a fork. Unbelievably this unicorns tail is made out of chips. This unicorn has a pink,fluffy mane which glows in the dark. Amazingly it’s hooves are shoes which allows it to run like a flash of lightning.


This creature lives in bakery’s because its favourite food is bread. It also can be found in cafes drinking coffee. Some people believe that this unicorn has also been spotted in restaurants. Most people have sighted her in a factory producing burgers in a factory.


The food unicorn eats chocolate cake for her birthday as it’s birthday cake, but her everyday food is donuts. This unicorn also eats pizza when it goes to its friends house.

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