The Fire unicorn

The Fire Unicorn

Amazingly humans have discovered an enchanted Fire Unicorn in giant volcanos in Africa where it is boiling hot. It can be seen in deserts in Australia and it is very hard to be found because it is gliding through the sky.However it has been seen by scientists around the last few weeks.


Some how the Fire Unicorn can run really fast even with red hot hooves.The Fire Unicorn has a burnt tail over 1000 degrees hot.This amazing creature is very hot because of its rough boiling fur.Amazingly the Fire Unicorn’s horn can melt through titanium.The Fire Unicorn is too hard to see at night because of its invisible mane.The Fire Unicorn is bright red so it is hard to see in the sun.


Surprisingly the Fire Unicorn can live 1000 km underground in caves and very dark places.Unbelievably it likes to live in hot places like volcanos.Its often found in tiny cracks that lead to mine shafts and caves.This amazing creature also likes to live in the side of volcanos round the edges.


The Fire Unicorn unbelievably eats roasting hot fire for breakfast. This magnificent creature loves hot Cheetos sometimes they leave them in the sun to make them more hot.Fire Unicorns love hot tea they may even consume it all at once!The Fire Unicorn can do the one crisp challenge with out drinking milk or water because they can handle the spice.

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