The fire unicorn

The Fire Unicorn

Amazingly this magical, legendary, enchanted unicorn has been found in the mountainous volcano range around the USA. This special unicorn can camouflage in the hot, burning fire to hide from humans or other creatures.

Many people who have witnessed this rare unicorn have explained that this unicorn has a roasting, fire mane which if you touch it will burn you. Some mentioned that it’s flaring hot horn can blast fire balls which can burn anything. It’s flaring, burning hooves which leaves a fire trail. It also has a flaring hot tale which makes more fire when waves it. Most talked about it’s boiling hot fur which if you touch it burns you.

Obviously, these enchanted creatures live in hot countries. Usually, this legendary animal lives at the bottom of a volcano where the temperature is warm. However these unicorns can also live in Australia where there is lots of fires. Some have sighted that this beast also lives in Egypt and India because of climate change as some of its places of habitats are getting colder.

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