The island of neverbelieve


The Shaion has claws as sharp as a knife and the strength of 1000 Lions and teeth as sharp as vampires’ fangs.                                        It walks on land and swims in sea on land with the force of a lion it pearples itself up in the air and rips up their prey or craps hold of it and eats it with it’s sharp teeth. 


The Shaion is a lion and a shark. It has a thick layer of fur that keeps it warm and under the fur there are scales that are shark scales there is another layer of fur above the scales.It has claws on its arm it has two feet and two feet. It has a fur and scale mix hyde its arms have bulk muscles.


The Shaion gernalry lives in an open sunny area because the Shaion gets energy from the sun and it is relaxed. 


                     Dragon apples

The Dragon apple is an apple that dragons can eat because normal apples are poison to dragons. Dragon apples grow in areas where  they have chemicals so it is safe for dragons to put dragon apples that are poisonous to humans.


Dragon apples have scales on they that make them have healthiness

for dragons.

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