The rainbow Pegasus.

Additionally  the rainbow Pegasus  is a rare type of a rainbow unicorn , it sparkles in the dark to make a


rainbow. When the moon light shines on him it has the ability to run really fast, every moth it gathers rainbow dust for  its power.

Generally the rainbow Pegasus lives in the swathing, white clouds, the colorful oval rainbow and at nigh it goes in lonely dark gold places.

However the rainbow Pegasus look’s like a beautiful bright rainbow with fluty white clouds and the dots mean how old they are.

The rainbow Pegasus eat rainbows, colorful stuff, crinkly, soft and rough stuff. But if you have water in your hand it will drink it right up.

Amazingly every night it transforms in to a rainbow to bring the light to every one but in the day light  he goes some wear else to do it all again and when that is over he will come back.






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  1. We can see you have included some adverb openers and you have organsied the information into some paragraphs. Next time, check for spelling errors and check for typing mistakes.

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