The Storm Pegasus by Charlotte

Have you ever heard of a Storm Pegasus? Most people haven’t heard or seen them ever before. They are extremely rare but very beautiful and important because they create and stop storms.

Storm Pegasi live in herds of 10 or more on huge clouds of gray, silver and white, on the edge of the earth’s atmosphere. They live on the banks of rivers and streams that run through the clouds.

These mystical creatures are dark dappled gray. Their bodies are covered in scales because they are always flying through water (like flying fish). They have ivory coloured mains and tails and huge webbed wings.

The storm Pegasi don’t eat much as they can survive off water for months on end. However they do eat cloud tufts – magic cloud grass – and flying frog spawn when its in season.

Although they live in herds, they fly solo. When they are happy they live quietly but when they are angry they build up rage until a storm breaks. They can control the weather and can calm down a storm in a split second when they have calmed down!


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