Mountain Unicorn

The mountain unicorn is very small, instead of being the size of a horse it is not much bigger than a frog!  Rare for many unicorns is that it has poison that comes out of its own, but mixed with some chemicals it can cure diseases.

Unsurpisngly this unicorn is normally found in mountain areas but a little more surprisingly it also can be spotted in woods and forests.  They are most likely to be found in hot and tropical place especially in South American countries such as Brazil.

Depending on the region the colour of them can be slightly different.  Those found in the mountains are black and grey which allows them to blend in with the rocks.  This is like camouflage because they are hunted by eagles and nearly everything else that is bigger than it!  The one in the forests are hunted by monkeys and have even been eaten by big fish if they’re near the water.  These are more greeny and browny to make them harder to spot.  The horn of both types has very lethal venom that can kill even people which helps protect them from predators.  It is also captured for its venom as it is so lethal it can be used as a weapon.  Tribes capture them and sell it for a lot of money.

Usually it only eats leaves but sometimes they feed off carcasses of anything else they might find.

Suprisingly they can also be kept as pets because some people remove the venom from the horn.  This needs to be done every couple of months.  They make good pets because they are nice and furry and have weird and unusual behaviour; they can sometimes be lazy, sometimes roll around and sometimes really playful.


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