The Volcano Unicorn


Unicorns are delicate creatures. The Volcano Unicorn is one of the most delicate species of Unicorn, yet one of the most fierce of them all. You would not like to have one as a pet. They would climb over you like head lice. Fortunately, this unicorn has only existed on Mars and cannot come to this planet. The Volcano Unicorn, which has only got a lifespan of up to 12 months, can dig through rock using its laser eyes! Scientists have said that there are only a very small amount of 58 left! The reason Neil Armstrong actually went to space was to see the super cool unicorn, but the rocket had nowhere near enough power, so he went to the moon instead.


The Volcano Unicorn is a very special unicorn. The amazing Volcano Unicorn is the exact same colour of lava. You couldn’t tell the difference between them. They look like that because they need to sink into the lava to be able to hide from humans. The outstanding unicorn, which breathes red, hot fire, has a grey horn that is very small. The reason it is so small is because it rarely needs to use it in its habitat of molten lava. Unusually, the unicorn, that lives miles away, doesn’t actually have fur like most unicorns do. It has scales that shine brightly at midday. The reason for the scales is because they need something to decrease the heat. The hooves of this tiny creature are quite large – for the unicorn, not us. They are the colour of ash on the lower part of their body. They strictly cannot be seen by any human at all! However, if you did, you would’ve been melted by its powerful laser eyes that are brighter than the sun and can be seen from thousands of miles away. The unicorn that eats hot dogs in less than 0.3321 seconds, has a mane that looks like wet blood dripping down its bony back.


This unicorn has a very strange appetite. It doesn’t eat lemons or banana skin. No, its way worse. They eat each other. To make it worse than that, they eat each other when they’re still alive. I’d be quite scared to be one of them, I could be eaten at any time. Would you be scared? Fortunately, the red, scaly unicorn only needs to eat one other unicorn in its life. They eat tiny amounts at a time so they don’t need a lot of food. They only eat once a week as well. They pick off the sharp, sparkly scales and pick out the eyes. However, they do not leave the brain. The special unicorn eats it first. If they had left it until last it would have rotted away. If you ask me that is kind of gross, but you didn’t, but, oh well.


As well as having a weird diet, they live an interesting life. They start off by being launched out of a volcano and they don’t grow at all. As they get older their stumpy horn grows as well as the scales. Once they get to three months old the temperature starts to get to them due to the scale loss. Scale loss is a deadly disease that every single Volcano Unicorn gets at 3 and a half months. At four months, the unicorn starts to die. At this point, the scales that they have left get crispy and that is the sign of death. They start to slowly walk back to the magic volcano that they came from. They climb all the way up to the top and jump in. They suddenly evaporate into clouds and look down at the other unicorns.


These unicorns can’t behave, ever! Not for a second! They’re naughtier than me or you. Can you imagine that? They can never do anything you ask them to do and they’re always up to mischief. They smash everything in their path with laser eyes. They go invisible and creep up to someone and poke them with their horn. It sounds funny but it wouldn’t be if you were the person being poked.

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