A Guide To Mythical Care by Thea

If you have got a baby unicorn and you don’t know what to do. You’re in luck! Read on to find out how to take care of a pet unicorn.

First, to make sure that your unicorn is comfortable, create an enclosed area that looks like a forest. It would need to be delicately decorated with moss, small posies and butterflies painted with intricate patterns on their wings.

Next, attach a wire fenced enclosure so when they need to burn off some energy they can run out and exercise. As you get used to your unicorn, add different obstacles so they don’t have to do the same challenge every day.

Then, when you feel like your unicorn is bored, let them out of their home. This will give them time to get used to their wings and you will have time to bond with each other. Some ways to bond with them would be: cuddling, showing them places where you can hide together and playing hide and seek – which is a unicorns favourite game. As they grow older, your unicorn will have to be allowed to have some more freedom, so doing this at a early age will encourage them to explore more.

Also, if you want to interact with your unicorn more, you would need to stroke them because the best feeling for them is being touched by human hands. As well as that you could always brush their mane and tail since that is a sign of trust in the unicorn world.

After that, your unicorn will have to rest but they are very fussy about beds. So before they sleep you need a bass layer of soft, maple leaves smothered with a blanket of feathers woven together. For a pillow use some old bits of clothing stuffed with sheep wool.

Later on, after they half awoken, they shall need to go into nature. If you live close to a forest that will be easy but if you live further away that will be more of a challenge. If you do live further away, go into a bushy area of your garden.

Finally, when you go to sleep, make a dent in the comfiest part of your pillow. All you have to do next is go to sleep with no worries and repeat the process tomorrow.

As you can see, having a pet unicorn isn’t as easy as it seems, but they will help you to mature and take on more responsibilities.

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