Come to Uncharted Isle

Yes, come to Uncharted Isle and learn what true fun is for everyone is!

Are you (or your kids) ever bored at home? Do you have time to burn? If so, why not take a trip to Uncharted Isle? Amazing amusement for all!

Admire at the Dragon-trail River

Be stunned by Hotel Valert’s incredible architecture

Wonder at the animals that reside in Zinc Zoo

Marvel at Riagna Falls

At the Mysterious Fossil Emporium,  you will have hours of fun taking in facts about everything that came before you. You can:

See ancient fossils

Admire the bones of the native Strikasaur

Dig up your own fossil; Check what you dug up with the brand- new, hi-tech FR-560

Go to the planetarium to see what dinosaur times were like!

The Mysterious Fossil Emporium is where magic happens. Many visitors now lead a successful career in archaeology. Howard Carter, King Tut’s finder, said “Great experience, marvel at the fossils!” when he visited.

There are also other activities on Uncharted Isle, fine dining and 5-star hotels with incredible service.


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