fantastic theme park!

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Are you bored?

Well watch this ad!

We have all the things you don’t do at home (definitely!)

We have happy-hotels, amazing animals and our fantastic fun rides with death defying stuntmen on them!

If you want to come just press the link below .our animals include phoenixes, trolls, chupacabras and every other animals on this planet! now thats cool but make sure to not let you or your kids near any of the ferocious creatures due to a 90 percent death rate if ay one comes in there vision! only joking all our animals are highly maintainenced and kept under control there has been 0 people hurt here due to our phenomanally quick first-aid.

our most famous ride is the sinical circus, it is a non develish ride packed with jumpscares and a second roller coaster track that goes 130m in the air! But the biggest one we have is called the great dane towering at a insane 425m high this gargantuan is our safest ride, i bet your suprised but no its true this creature of a ride is so well built after being used 400000 times is still in perfect condition.

if you want to sleep in our cheap, luxurious hotels teeming with delicious desserts and mayhemic main courses then book now.

ts and cs apply.

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