Faz the dog and the teddy bear

Faz peered  through the curtains of the cats window as the boat passed by. He saw the birds soar through the sky like remote-control drones. He heard ducks squawking whilst he gobbled down his food that was chilling in his dog bowl. Faz barked, ” Save your voice for when you need it”.

Naz was out shopping when for some reason she heard something repeat her dads last words. She froze with fright at what she just heard. The next minute she was searching the whole shopping centre for someone or something that knows those meaningful words.

Naz ran into the last shop which was full of ancient, dusty antiques. But then she heard it again clear but faintly as if it was repeating in her head. She questioned herself and then ran to the shopkeeper and asked if he heard the strange words too. Everything went quiet and they listened carefully, then he answered with a ” yes and I think I might know where it is coming from”. He then waffled” come with me”. They looked around the shelves and then she heard, I found it!

It was a mechanimal ( a cog dog ). they wound him up and he said them again but fainter and fainter and fainter. She asked the dog where them from. He murmured quietly I heard them on a train crash that his owner passed away on.

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