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How to look after a baby unicorn 

Have you just been given a baby unicorn to look after? Are you wondering how on earth your going to take care of such a magnificent creature? Fear not. Read these instructions and you will be able to raise a baby unicorn to its full standard and develop healthy.

What you need: A nice, comfortable living quarters for it to sleep; play and eat in ( preferably with leaves and shade) A sumptuous, Cosy blanket with added fur inside for extra warmth; water bowl; ice cream ( it’s there favourite) in a bowl; grass and leaves and of course plenty of love and kindness.

What to do:

First, create an enclosed space, preferably inside otherwise your baby unicorn (although an Ice Unicorn ) could have a high risk of freezing. Also it needs to be in an enclosed area because it could run away and never come back again- which means that it would be in a hazardous situation.

Next, provide a soft, cosy blanket for you unicorn to sleep on; also make sure that there is a shaded area with leaves scattered on the floor because most unicorns live in forests or woodland areas. Baby Ice Unicorns often like to play so make sure it has a ball, stuffed toy or rope of some sort.

Then, talk to your unicorn as they love to chat and be with humans. Stroke it gently and  If your lucky and sing it a song it might dance for you! Also make sure it has some sort of entertainment to keep it busy whilst your out eg a fish tank as it likes to imagine its underwater and look at all the fish and make friends.

Also, provide regular water because Ice unicorns become very thirsty. They will also need fresh leaves; grass and ice cream for a basic diet. This will result a very healthy diet for a baby unicorn.

After that, exercise your pet daily by taking it on walks, trips to the park or just a trot around town. However, be very careful that there are no fierce cats or vicious dogs around as that may result to your baby unicorn becoming afraid so afraid it might never go out of the house.

Later on, make the time to play with your baby Ice Unicorn to make sure that your pet doesn’t get board and start to whine.

Finally, to complete the bond scoop your baby unicorn up in your arms and sing to it in a gentle, soft tone then lay it down and turn the radio on quietly in the background while your unicorn baby drifts off to sleep.

Unicorns make wonderful pets but eventually start to get lonely. Consequently, you will have to release your pet into the wild. This will be an upsetting day but if you have treated it well it will return to thank you for raising it.Unicorns are faithful of those who have treated them affectionately.


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