How To Look After A Dragon By Charlie G

Have you ever wanted a dragon? Have you ever needed to know how to look after a dragon? Fear not. Once you’ve read this, you’ll know everything you need to.

You may be wondering what you need well here it is: living quarters, soft blankets and cushions, plenty of food (any fresh meat from your local butchers) and water, shade and love.

This is what you must do:

Firstly, create an enclosed area, around 100m wide and 100m long, where your, at the moment, young dragon will feel happy and safe. If it doesn’t feel happy or safe its temptation to run away would be unbearable.

Next, take your soft blanket and lay it in the enclosed area then lay your soft cushions on the edge of your blanket. This will attract your dragon.

After that, snuggle with your dragon and help it get used to its new home that you have made for it.

Then, make sure to provide regular water and food otherwise your dragon will want to sneak into your house and eat from your fridge and they won’t be healthy.

Also, you must exercise your dragon daily by taking it outside to the local park and then to a swimming pool so it can have a swim. A daily-exercised dragon is the friendliest kind.

Later on, take the time to play with your dragon or it might skulk away into the corner of its area and hide from you.

Finally, help your dragon to go to sleep. You should probably watch TV with it and stroke it until your dragon falls asleep. Then you can go and enjoy yourself for the rest of the day.


If you have followed all of these instructions you will have a happy dragon. Unfortunately, you will have to part with your dragon and release them into the wild. Luckily, if you have treated your dragon correctly it will return to you after a few years because dragons are very faithful pets to those who have treated them well.

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