How to look after a Moon Elephant

How to look after a Moon Elephant

Moon Elephants are very special because they are very rare. If you want to look after a Moon Elephant follow these instructions and you will soon be able to take care of one.

What you need: 

Food, water, bed, space and some moon wallpaper.

What to do:

Firstly, give it some food such as cheese otherwise it will chase you as Moon Elephants can get very moody when they are hungry.

Next, provide it with space because Moon Elephants are very big and will damage your furniture unless they are given lots of room to dance. Dancing is a Moon Elephants’ favourite hobby.

Also, buy it toys (anything with a moon on) otherwise it will go mad and throw things at you.  Moon Elephants really enjoy looking at moon wallpaper so make sure you buy lots of it to make it feel at home.

Finally, walk it through countrysides to ensure it gets lots of exercise. If your Moon Elephant does not get enough exercise it will turn into a star. This could be a problem because they could burn your house down.

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