How to look after your baby Griffin by Molly

Have you just bought a baby Griffin? Do you know how to properly look after it ? Don’t worry just read this simple guide. Soon you will be able to look after your pet without worrying .

What you  need :a good clear area away from trees ,sleeping quarters , hay ,apples and different types of flowers .

What you need to do 

First ,create a sleeping area for your pet so that it can go to sleep in a nice warm place  .

Next , provide lots of  fresh flowers , water and apples because they are big  creatures they need to eat a lot  .

Also provide, hugs and a blanket it will miss it’s family .

After that , talk to your pet to comfort it for it is strange to be in a new home .

Finally, create a toy and play with your Griffin they really enjoy it .

Griffin  are wonderful pets but they do grow out of there homes . So you will have to let them leave but if you were a good owner they may do.a back to visit .



Then , sing to the Griffin for it loves a good melody .

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