How to take care of your baby goblin….

Have you ever been handed a baby goblin? Are you wondering how on earth you will manage to take good care of such a precious creature? Fear not. Read these instructions.

What you need… a big house with very fluffy blankets. Living quarters. Edible items. Water bowls. And that should be it.

First, create a nice fluffy enclosed space so your goblin is really happy and can’t escape.

Next, lay a soft blanket so the goblin can sleep peacefully. Make sure the area is not in the SUN.

Then, make sure your beauty goblin likes it nice, shaded, fluffy room.

Also, provide regular water and regular food so it doesn’t starve or be un hydrated as a basic diet. This will result in a healthy unicorn.

After that, exercise your pet daily by taking it outside to trot around. However, be very careful that there are no dogs or cats around that might result in your baby unicorn becoming afraid.

Finally, sing to your pet and play the radio to relax your pet.

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