Isle of water

Friday 19th November 2021

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Isle of water.

Are you ever bored at home? Well, come along to Isle of water where it seems like a fantasy but it’s always real.

Is your life boring? Are your children always pestering you? Are they annoying sometimes? Well, our Isle of water will stop them from moaning.

Relax at fishing park lane as you fish.

Go to sunny side beach as you have a tan.

Walk to the lovely Lazy lagoon as the sun sets.

Run to are amazing water park.

At sunny side beach you can do lots of things like:

  • building luxurious sandcastles.
  • swimming in a lovely sea.
  • a torment of beach ball.

After going to the beach, John Riley said “me and my family had so much fun”.

Also, there is lots of room and food, children eat free and adults get a free massage.


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