Neverbelieve island

Do you want to have the best time of your life?

Are you longing for an adventure?

Is your family ever bored?

If you answered yes to any of these questions come on down to Never believe island where you will be able to …

Go to a magnificent mysterious arcade were you will be able to play 50 games of fun it’s a prize every time and guaranteed tickets what more could you want!

You will want to go to this 5 star hotel after you hear about it you will sleep on the comfiest mattress whilst you think you are in paradise at Lodore falls hotel you get free room service.

Slide down slides at fun park where you will be able to slide down 50 feet slides.come down to never believe rollercoaster you must be a minimum of 4’8and for others 5’2.

This arcade is so special because it has got bingo for adults and for the kids puppet shows will be live from 7pm

Go to Lodore falls hotel where you will be able to get free room service there is a swimming pool which you can go in for free there is also a sea where you will be able to see tropical fish swimming

You will come down to this rollercoaster because we have checked all the rides are safe and it cost £5 per person how good is that!

So come on down to Neverbelieve island contact us at 01942 614957

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