Screwlight by Poppy and Isla


Fauna peeked out of the shiny plane’s door as the sleek helicopter edged closer. She watched the helicopter’s propeller like spinning knives. She listened to the wispy sound of the propeller like the whipping wind. Fauna smelt the burning oils of the plane coming down to a crash. Twisting to see her master she roared to grab his attention.
“Please Michael…jump! It’s always been you before me…”

Chapter 1

Pushing the fire escape exit open, Iris leapt onto the playground, careless with sound. Luckily, nobody heard her. Iris sprinted like a cheetah up the cobblestone path and kangaroo-jumped over the gate. Catching her breath, she sank down and perched onto a rock.

As always, she pulled a card out of her blue coat pocket and stared like an owl at it. Her father’s first words had meant nothing to her, save it, don’t spend it. Most mornings, she would sit up in her comfy bed, thinking about what it could mean.

Seconds later, fire warmed her. Fauna, her purple dragon mechanimal, had arrived.
“Ah, that took a while!” Fauna spoke, her words meaningful,”That place was absolutely stupid! I’m glad you got out of there Iris. Would you care to wind me up, I’m a bit stiff you know?” Iris smiled and quickly wound up Fauna. Her violet scales were slightly blackened from the plane but apart from that she looked her usual self. 

That evening, Liam was surprised to see Iris in Venge alley in front of Waterstones.
“It’s obvious you know, it’s your father’s unique coin,” he said, beginning to regret it.
“Mhm,” murmured Iris emotionally. The coin was her most prized possession. It sat in a small painted box on a shelf in her room. Most mornings Iris would sit in bed and stare at the coin. It would make her brain tick about where her father was. On the coin it had an engraved swallow and a silver brim. The memory was painful to think about.
“Oops, sorry,” Liam whispered shyly.

“Iris! That’s right, he’s right, he’s right! We need to catch a bus back to Old Apple before somebody gets their greasy mitts on that precious coin!” 

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