The Grand Grotto

The Grand Grotto

Looking for a family escape? Want something to do? Look no more! The Grand Grotto is a fabulous fun filled underwater holiday park for the family. Would you want your kids to be bored? Not here!


Here at The Grand Grotto, you will venture underwater to our main reception and travel to our hotels in our luxurious glass pods to insure a brilliant observation window to the natural see life.


Things to do at The Grand Grotto:

  • Watch the mermaid bay light show with front row seats for all;
  • Run about at Tropic water park (on site);
  • Learn to scuba dive professionally.

But if action isn’t your cup of tea the you might enjoy:

  • Relaxing in our Luxury spa and hot tub;
  • Sunbathing on diamond beach;
  • Fine dining at Shark Fin Café;
  • Swim in the lazy lagoon.

The Grand Grotto is known to have great scuba diving facilities such as professional teachers to let you or your kids learn to become a master!

When your teacher thinks you’ve learnt well you will be able to go on an aquarium dive where you will swim with fish in a colorful flowing reef.

Professional scuba diver Salmon Smith had come on a previous visit:

“The Grand Grotto help introduce my diving hobby, as a child I just loved a good ice cream and a swim!” Is what he quoted.


So, visit today! Tickets are half price (£1234236784) until you decide to buy them! Oxygen is not included and sharks will bite; stay away from the glass!


Have a groovy time at The Grand Grotto!

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