Welcome to the Land of Everlasting Thoughts

Welcome to the Land of Everlasting Thoughts


Here it is! The most relaxing place on earth. You won’t believe how soothing it is.  Its great for all families!

Is your life crazy and stressed? Are your children longing for a holiday? Why not visit the Land of The Everlasting Thoughts! Its an amazing place to kick back and relax!


Unwind all of your worries at Wolina Bay, which has sand like the colour of caramel.

Cool off in the emerald-green sea.

Lounge in our Blissful Beach Bar.

Dine at our Floating Pontoon, which you can get a jet ski ride to.

Let your kids experience the Wondrous Water Park.


On the rolling river you can float through the rainforest passing our magnificent mammals and plants:

~ Giggling Gorillas, which lay by a palm tree snickering in their sleep;

~  Calming Chocolate Tree, which speaks words like melting caramel;

~ The Blissful Butter Tree, which shines in the light of day.

~ The Fabulous Flamboyant Flamingo, whose beautiful pink fur glows vibrantly!


The rolling river is where your thoughts and imaginations come to life. When you come to the entrance, you shall be welcomed by our wonderful workers. After that, you will be handed a float! You can get a 1-seater (£13.15), 2seater (£15.19), 3-seater (£20.00) or a 5-seater (£31.46). Once you have received your floaty, you shall be placed in the luscious water. The time it takes to get across the river in total, is 25mins! Once you have reached the end of the river our kind caretakers shall help you if you need any help. The rolling river is a great place to relax and its great for all families.


*Although we advise you to not take under 2yr olds on the river*.


At the wonderous water park, your kids can go free! While they experience the best moment ever, you can lay back and relax. You don’t need to worry about your children! You can book a nanny to look after them. There are many rides, scary rides and rides suitable for younger children. If your children start getting hungry, you can stop off at our ‘Snack and Go’ restaurant! It’s a quick and easy place to dine.

“Mind-blowing place!” exclaimed Skye Brown, after encountering The Land Of Everlasting Thoughts.


Come and visit the Land of Everlasting Thoughts, ‘where all of your dreams and imaginations come to life’

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