Lady Lancaster Manner By Ava SWW

Chapter 2

Lady Lancaster Manor was silent. Anxious, Ivy inspected the manor. Outside, Lady Lancaster Manor, trees swayed in the howling wind. Autumn leaves crunched under her feet as she gingerly stepped closer to the bulky brown door. Along the stretched driveway lay smashed glass which worried Ivy and Jack. Ivy tugged her hair clip from her messy brunette hair and passed it over to Jack. He walked to the door, placed the hair clip into the key hole and twisted it a few times until it opened. As they pulled the bulky door open it wasn’t the usual warmth that Ivy was used to. Instead the house felt abandoned and unwelcoming. Inside the manor, cobwebs sat in every corner holding hundreds of flies. Dust sat on the antique furniture and books were scattered on the cracked floor.

Ivy and Jack ran up the stairs and headed for her old bedroom. Rolo sniffed around looking for clues. As they entered her room memories ran through their minds. The room was exactly the same as how she left it. The bed still wasn’t made, her old doll sat against her bedside table and the painting that she treasured hung elegantly on the wall. The painting was safe!

Mesmerised, Jack carefully unhooked the painting from the wall. Ivy hadn’t seen the painting for some many years that she forgot what was painted. It was a painting of some type of airship painted in her mothers distinctive style. Their jaws dropped.
“This must have been what everyone has been looking for, your mamas airship invention, this must be worth a fortune and would put some people out of business to!” shouted Jack “No wonder he has enemies!”
“This has to be what all of the fuss is about then!” Ivy whispered staring at the painting.

“Indeed it is.” Came a voice from the hallway.
Ivy, Jack and Rolo spun around. Ivy bit her nails, Jack bit his lip and Rolo stepped backwards. Ivy gasped. Immediately, Ivy recognised the voice. It was her mothers old friend, Charlotte Davis. He moved his face into view. He smiled but it was not a nice smile.
“I have been waiting for you to lead me to your mothers design…Ivy. I knew that she would’ve hidden it somewhere but I didn’t know that it would be this easy. Well I will take that, if you don’t mind.” she said, snatching the priceless painting.

A few moments later Ivy, Jack and Rolo were locked in the basement that was full of old antiques. There wasn’t a singe window. The door was locked with a heavy sofa on the other side. “I can’t believe her, she betrayed mama. When mama was in hospital she promised to look after me no matter what. He double crossed mama.” Ivy cried.
“Ivy there is know way that we will get out of here and save the painting!” Jack exclaimed. Ivy nodded her head in agreement.
“Are you guys being serious, of course we will!” Rolo yapped. “We are going to get out of here and save this painting that will change the world!” Jack and Ivy shook their heads in disagreement.
“Ha good luck with that!”mumbled Jack hoping that Ivy didn’t hear.
He stared at the damp floor in regret.

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