The mysterious creature attack

Outside, the wind was howling and because it’s that strong, it blew the enormous engine left, then right. Then we had to put up our slithery hoods, because it was raining! Although it was raining it was thundering, however, when it’s thundering you hear lighting BUT you can hear creepy noises…but you think it’s just the thundering. Right? Now it is the thunder BUT it’s also the creepy noises too (That was like in the background!) Btw it was scary… and we all didn’t know what to do! So we decided to.. SHOOT! We got a little bit crazy but we managed to be cool and actually soot with the camons.. then I told everyone to be quite then when it was silent.. I smelt.. BURNING! But, we all just agreed with eachover and think that It was just the camons shooting. Suddenly,  I saw a massive fire ball heading it’s way to us…

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