Imaginatia Island

Airship Adventure

By Izabella


Nobody ever wanted to travel to “Imaginatia.” Even though it was like a dream there, they usually lost hope when they heard about the disgusting creatures guarding the island. After hearing that. They would give up on the idea like a stone getting dropped on some fragile glass.

As I set of for my adventure as an intrepid baker, I was very brave. Captain explained that the rumours that are being said are false. There are no such things as goblins.

“All aboard!” Captain yelled. He was determined to live his dreams and leave us all behind. I sighed. He said that he was the most amazing and powerful captain. We know he is not. He’s scared of: Snails, slugs, bugs and any type of animal. He is the most disgusting captain. All he does is sit around, give orders and sleep.

We settle down on our voyage to “Imaginatia.” “Make some pie, get to work, Chop-Chop,” Captain exclaimed. I started baking some apple pie when captain was “Busy”. It was very easy to notice he spuddled.

Suddenly, gushing wind flew into my face. I explained “What, it’s the middle of summer!” As curiosity slowly entered my soul, I walked steadily towards the direction it was coming from. The blank clouds (which were turning into grey) were getting thicker, thicker and thicker. The air around me feeling tense and hotter every step I take. I was in awe.

At first glance I thought it was lightning.

At second glance, airship?

At third glance, dark shapes slithering towards me, with dark red blood dripping from air. Then came a “SCREEECH” like intense thunder. I could smell bodies left behind from their adventure, silently screaming “HELP!”

The air tasted like smoke like the airships is on fire. For that reason, I went to check every part of the airship just in case. I knew that it wasn’t the airship that’s on fire, but something to do with the shapes, looming in the sky.

Everybody panicked. I stepped back. Nobody knew what this is, but everybody knew it was strange. I stepped back again. I squint at the mysterious creature. I breathed heavily. I should’ve stepped back again. I felt brave, though it wasn’t going to last long. The shadow had disappeared. I knew it was coming back but it didn’t take long. This time it appeared closer to the airship. My bravery left and the only thing that stayed was me, twitching and shaking. I felt alone.


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