Winter Manor Hotel

Winter Manor Hotel


Come stay at the wonderful Winter Manor Hotel where you can get up to 10% off your first stay. Also, if you and your family are visiting you will get 20% with The Family Pack.Don’t miss out on our incredible prices and holiday packages.


For our Luxury rooms we have real genuine victorian fireplaces lit to the perfect cosy temperature. Sheepskin rugs and four poster beds adorns every room.The deluxe room has a balcony and a dressing room with complimentary free makeup


We have a free complimentary breakfast from 7am-11am all you early risers have a lie-in. All of our meals are professionally cooked by Gordon Ramsy himself as the head cook. On offer we have a Spa for the whole family to enjoy and a hair salon for the girlie’s night. We also have an on site Lost-and-Founders office.


Are rules are

  • No children under the age of 8
  • All children must be supervised unless 15+
  • Bring your pets


We look forward to welcoming your visit.

3 Responses to “Winter Manor Hotel”

  1. We love your piece of writing. We love the detail in your post. Were you imagining a real place that you have visited? Maybe the last sentence could have been a “call to action” instead of another feature.

  2. 1. I love the detail and i like the fact that you did Gordan Ramsy for the head cook
    2. could you get a deputy head cook?
    3. Could you mabye add a bit more?

  3. 1. I love all the thought the has been put in here.
    2.Was this based on a curtain place?
    3. You could add a list of other activities that the people could do.

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