Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Last night, the worst thing happened. Herbie said he’ll take me to the best fish and chip shop in town (even though it was the only one in town.) Herbie and I were walking on the pier, it was freezing and I felt like I had hypothermia.

Herbie told me about the Malamander and how it hangs around the sea so we had to be careful. I could see the light up words saying Seegol’s Diner in the misty fog.

We walked into the mouth-watering smell of fish and chips, which penetrated my nostrils, making my stomach grumble.

“Hi Seegol” said Herbie

“Hiya Herbie” replied Seegol “who’s your friend?”

“I’m Violet” I said back 

Before we could be seated, I heard a scream, a scream of someone who was in danger, someone who needed help. I ran out of the door and I saw Boathook man lying on the pier with cuts all over his arms.I sat him up and asked him what happened.

“I-I wa-a-as a-attacked by the M-M-Malamander.”

I turned around and saw a figure running in the distance. I chased after it to see who it was…

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