Diary entry by Ed

Diary entry Friday 13th November 2021

Yesterday evening I was walking across the beach with my dog mouse.I was strolling down the shore of Barry island beach .When all a sudden I had a very sudden hunger even though it was late that didn’t fuss me at all so I went and got some fish and chips.I let mouse of the lead so he could have a run about since he loves the beach.

A peculiar creature began to submerge from the depths of the ocean I quickly ran to go and get mouse.I clipped him back to his lead and brought him to the stone wall where I was sat before.The monster kept coming it was huge my heart sunk.Then I heard mouse barking at the monster I was shocked since he doesn’t bark.It must of worked since the creature began to slither down the pebbles and go back into the water.Are legends really true?

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