The Griffin With Weird Eyes. By Lily.

Dear diary,


This evening was probably the scariest evening of my life. I was sitting on the beach, relaxing on the beige sand when I thought I would go for a walk along the rock pools, to see if there were any little fish around. I took off my flip flops and stood on the first rock. No fish. I tried loads and loads of rock pools but there was no fish. I just wanted to catch at least one.


Nothing exciting was happening. My life at home has been so boring lately, I wanted to try something exciting. I walked a few more steps and discovered this cave. I ran towards the cave. I turned on my flashlight and there were hundreds of rocks about, maybe even thousands. This was starting to get exciting. 


All of a sudden, I heard this hoot coming from outside. It was loud and low. Every time I heard it, shivers fell down my spine. I ran behind one of the rocks and hoped it wouldn’t find me. It was no use. It was still coming after me. Luckily (and I mean it was REALLY lucky) I managed to get out of the cave before it came in and I would have been stuck in the cave, with no escape.


I sprinted and sprinted until my legs started to hurt. The creature was probably 3 times the size of an owl. Also, it didn’t seem as friendly as an owl. It’s eyes were turning from blue to yellow. I’m guessing this creature was a male. I think that his eyes turn yellow when he is angry. I could hear him huffing and puffing from behind me. I could tell he wanted to kill me. 


I could smell the rotten smell of pungent fish covering him from head to toe, you just couldn’t tell how much fish he has been eating over his short life. Suddenly, I heard this loud whistle and the bird/creature flew away. I collapsed onto the sand and sighed. I quickly realised that this could be the creature that everyone talks about. I thought it was a mythical creature and it didn’t exist. Was this the famous griffin people talk about? Was he really real?


Talk soon,


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