The Skyship

Goblins, Sky Goblins, they are after them. Sam, Lola and Captain Brown were travelling in a SkyShip to go find the Goblins and Sam, Lola and the captain were frightened.  They left town 6 hours ago and still hadn’t stopped worrying. They also had to dodge a storm on the way so they weren’t on course anymore.

“Oh no, this isn’t good…” Sam said as he covered his ears.                                                                           “What now Sam?” Lola shouted.                                                                                                                           “A storm!!”

Lola sat on the side of The SkyShip hoping they would arrive soon. 5 Minutes later, she heard screeching sky Goblins flying towards her! She jumped inside.                                                                              “QUICK! THE SKY GOBLINS ARE HERE!” She exclaimed. Captain Brown took a right turn that caused a slight amount of turbulence that stopped one minute afterwards. As quick as he could, Sam rushed over to the windows and slammed them shut. Captain Brown stopped the SkyShip.

“Ready to land?” Captain Brown asked.

“Yes!” The children jinxed as the Captain put the SkyShip in landing mode.

As they drifted down, the Goblin’s screeches faded away and Sam stared at the sky. Finally, they landed and got out immediately. After a minute, they started to look for a place to hide. Captain Brown spotted a shelter and speed walked towards it. “Are we safe?” Sam asked. “I hope so.” Lola replied. They sat down and waited for daylight.

Morning arrived and excitedly, Sam and Lola ran outside as Captain Brown followed. Two hours later they found a forest to hide in, Lola sat on the ground, Sam picked flowers and Captain started to worry. Will they be safe?

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