The Sky-ship

Fred and Sharron were born as twins; both had superpowers which could come in handy later in their life. They were born on a Sky-ship before they had to evacuate. Their Mother accidentally left them on the ground and sadly Dad couldn’t evacuate in time. They were only two years old and had no protection against them so they just waited for their Mum and Dad but nobody came looking for them.


Then a Sky-ship found them both and got them wrapped up. Eight years past by they were like family. What came next scared them… it was sky wolves attacking them well trying but their defence shield was too strong for the sky wolves to break. Ten unexpectedly it broke, the defence broke and scared them all. They hung onto the sky-ship trying to break the engine. Frightened, they couldn’t help.

Fred thought of an idea, he slowed the creatures down and Sharron made a tornado to slow them down more, but when that was over everybody cheered happily until they came back again.  Fred and Sharron were wondering how they just did that when they were thinking the wolfs broke the engine going down Fred made an idea.

Fred was thinking what to do. He found an anchor and threw it at a tree Sharron held the rope hoping to land the Sky-ship right without trying to crash it. During that moment one of the sky-wolves bit the rope sending them down with the Sky-ship on fire.

What will happen to Fred and Sharron?

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