The Whiplash Travellers

The Whiplash Travelers 

Joey and Colin were both born with super powers. Colin had lots of strength and super jump; Joy had x-ray vision and invisibility. They were on whiplash (their sky-ship) trying to find the mystery of the gigantic golden goat. They were feeling deeply troubled.  Although, they’ve been doing this for years (since they were 4; they’re 17 now). They came from Paris –in France- now they’re stuck in a storm and their map has blown away putting them off course. But they didn’t worry that much until…

Captain Eyebirds whirled the ship sharply to the right in alarm after Joey yelled, “Look out it’s the sky-wolves!” They were using their loud flappy wings to create the windy storm, using their ray eyes to burn the engine but…

In a moment, the sky wolves were gone, the storm stopped as they steered into the clods in fear to hide. You could hear the birds chirping once again. Joey took a quick glare into the telescope.

 “They’re gone!” They were all relived. But they needed to double-check. Colin jumped out using his super jump “ALL CLEAR!” He jumped back on. “Prepare for landing,” said Captain Eye birds in a cheerful mood “I think this is the place, but there’s lots of goats”.

At that moment, they hovered down under the clouds listening to the flap of the wolf’s wings fading away. Captain Eye birds twisted the ca making the dire dim down so they swooped low. Colin who was really tired, stomach turned like a packed washing machine.

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