Abandoned beache

Abandoned Beach

Miriam stared in horror as the stormblazer slowly hit the ground with a heavy thud. The engine had failed causing the ship to sway violently and plummet down to what looked like a deserted beach.

With loud hiss, the stormblazer had thudded on to a deserted beach. Josh and Miriam sighed in relief as they felt safe. Slowly, Miriam peered through the railings . Against the rocks, the sea waves clashed and Miriam could see palm trees dancing gently in the ocean breeze. Everywhere sounds of nature we’re piercing through the air as frosty saltwater collided with sand, as the gulls squawking for prey.

After twenty minutes, Captain Freddy and all the other crewmebers had left the airship looking for a new engine. Hoping, there were materials that could help them fix the engine. Captain Freddy instead all children would stay put until they’ve come back. Miriam and Josh had went up on the deck of the Stormblazer as the stars glisten like a diamond necklace in the velvet sky. And the moon washed it’s gental light.

Just then, a peculiar sound caught there attention…



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