Air ship adventure


Chapter one

“Drop to the ground!” yelled Precious .

“What do we do ?” Julia yelped in a panicked voice.

“Get the dragon treats,” Precious replied , sprinting over to her napsack . All of a sudden, she flung them over the edge of the air ship. “They are finally gone,” Precious sighed, her shoulders dropping as she collapsed to the floor  of The Titanium .

“Phew! Just a few more hours until we arrive at The Forbidden Island ,” replied Julia

“I’ll be glad when this journey is over!”


Julia and Precious were on an adventure of a Lifetime . Or at least that’s what they were told. Their plan was to travel to The Forbidden Island in search of The Cristle of knowledge! Suddenly, The Titanium shook hard and both of them crashed onto the ground and it looked as if the whole world would fall before them. Just a few seconds later, a beast let out an inferno of flames. Neither of them thought they would make it alive. That very second , Precious suggested they use the dragon treats . After they were gone , the two realised that some barrels of fuel were gone . Had they been tipped over the edge  ? Would this be enough for their journey to The Forbidden Island and back?


“How will we get to the Forbidden Island and back with the amount of fuel we have?” Julia said with a panicked voice.

“I don’t know but we have to try .”



Chapter two

At that very moment , the Ships engine spluttered before stopping dead. The craft seemed to hang silently in the air for several seconds, before it suddenly started to fall at a high speed . “What’s going on ?” Julia said , terrified .

“ I don’t know ,but I can’t control it!” Precious replied grabbing onto the railings so tight that her knuckles went white .


As the airship rushed towards the ground , the two girls thought this would be the end of them . Everything on board started to shake and scatter across the deck creating a huge mess. At one point ,Julia  nearly tripped over the edge , so they thought it would be after in the basement. Precious and Julia huddled together holding on for dear life . What would  happen ? Would they survive the impending impact?

Having an idea , Precious rushed over to the engine and pressed at the various buttons in a desperate attempt to avoid a crash landing . It was too late .

After The Titanium nose dived into the ocean , creating a huge tsunami , the girls made sure it was safe. They opened the door to get out but a load of water rushed in . To looked as if they were sinking! Making their way to the top of the Titanium   they  were relieved to see they were not sinking, but the wooden base of their airship was broken and looked like a big wound . “ What on earth do we do now ?” Precious said . What was going to happen ?


“We will have to swim to the shore and find some wood o use for fuel. ” said Julia This wouldn’t be hard as the Island by which they had landed was a huge forest . As they looked around , they were mesmerised by the beauty of the Island. The trees looked perfect and the ground was full of the most beautiful flowers , they had never seen anything like it


Just then , they heard something . . .

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