florence hotel

Do you want to go on your dream holiday?

 Well Come and visit Florence hotel there is fun for anyone even mum!

In Florence hotel we have an amazing pool and a wave pool. You can get free swimming lessons and your hotel is Amazing and its next to the beach and every day you will get free snacks delivered 1:00 till 5:00 and free WIFI. If you book on your birthday you get 25% off and you get a birthday badge and cake!


Here are some things  you can do for fun:


  • scuba diving.


  • kids club where you do crafts under water.


  • Go on a tour in our museum.


  • Go in our hot tub.


  • go to our spa for FREE.


Mrs Doubtfire said ” This hotel is amazing I’ll come here again!” Nearby there is the  Famous painting  mona Lisa. There is a Florence zoo  with cute little piglets and koalas. 

Under sixes go free! In the sea there is dolphins swimming if you can take a glimpse of them. We have a dining room for the parents to have a relaxing dinner while the kids are in the next room eating there dinner and being entertained with puppet shows. Take a rest be the best!


Nearby there is a place where you can visit your favourite celebrities like Tom Holland, Zendaya, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliff, The Rock, Andrew Garfield, Brat Pit, Beyonce, Rihanna, spice girls and more 





  There is paddle boarding but you need to be over the age of 10



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