Sky Ship

Sky  Ship Adventure

Chapter 1

“Hold on tight! Eagle view is just beyond the horizon,” Amy screeched with joy resounding in her voice. His face turning green, Charles gripped onto the railing of the steel-lined sky ship. “Are we yet? Please say we are there.” Charles said, his stomach lurching. “Don’t worry just sit back and relax, I’m the one driving this thing ,” retorted Captain George.

All of a sudden, a hurried storm struck, splitting the sky and bringing a fright upon Charles. To Amy’s surprise, Eagle view which was just over the arctic horizon of the north, had never been ventured to, for it had been said that whoever dared to step on the cobbled path would awaken the odious beast who lay there.  “Ahhh the sky ship it’s going down.”

Chapter two

“Thud.” The sky ship came to an abrupt landing on the rubble of the ancient ruins of what looked like a forgotten city. Regaining consciousness, Amy stared in horror.

“Oh no what are we going to do .”  Charles said grief-stricken

“There is nothing to worry about, I’m sure captain will think of something. “ Amy said reassuringly.

“ We were struck by lightening it will take a while to fix.  I am going to go look for some items to repair it.”

“Can we come with you?” Questioned Charles

“No you must not, its to dangerous you have to stay here.” Commanded Captain George.

Heaving herself up, Amy peered through a wooden crack of the skyship and the sun go to rest as the moon howled. Humid air disappeared as a ghostly chill spiraled along Charles’ neck. Fallen debris was scattered along the once towering houses, rubble was still plummeting down as forgotten memories strode along the cobbled path. Dominant statues lay crumbled, as transparent drops of water spiral down continuesly  creating an iridescent glow in the sky.

Not to long into dusk, the children found themselves counting the hours till the captain return for he had left quite briskly. Obeying the captains instructions, Charles  and Amy stood stifled, starring into the great abyss.

At that moment the ground grumbled…

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