The Tie-Fighter Terrific – Part Two

The Tie-Fighter Terrific Part two


Oh no! The Tie-fighter is falling! Sharon, who was an amazing math professor, calculated the fall. “If the Tie-fighter is falling at 30mph and we are 300 miles in the air, she thought out loud. “Then that means we have two minutes to think about what to do!”


Minutes later, they landed. They saw a misty island with lots of fog, mist and a whole lot of other things. It was dark and grey, then grey curtains of icy rain, and, good thing, they packed water proof jackets, so they were prepared.


“where is the ship?” asked Sharon. Jamal was confused, had they passes out.? They were shouting for the crew, but no one heard them. They tried to remember where they had gone. Jamal had a fuzzy memory of them saying “were going to get supplies…” where could they of gone?

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